Plastic profile cooling BUSCH industrial box type chiller

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BBP box-type of industrial water chiller
Box-type industrial chiller product technology features:

1.Principle and Use
Box-type industrial chillers are the units of which applicable cooling(heating) medium is air or water in summer(winter), and their secondary refrigerant is water. They are widely used in various equipments and cooling models of plastics, electronics , food , pharmaceutical , electroplating , chemical , printing , coating , laser and CD-ROMs and other industrial.

The box-type industrial chillers are equipped with chilled water pump and water tank , which is easy to installed on-site and maintain; box-type industrial chillers has two types, which are air-cooled and water-cooled. These two type chillers can be the selection of customers according to the situation. Air - cooled conditions chillers do not need to be equipped with cooling water system and can be installed outdoors easily, and it do not take up too much space; water-cooled conditions chiller has a high efficiency and a wider operating temperature range .

3 - 5HP chiller applies a submerged coil evaporator. More than 8HP chiller applies a shell tube or plate evaporator with heat transfer efficiency, and low water resistance .

All microcomputer controllers are accurate and intelligent. This truly achieve perfect control of the machine in order to ensure the safe operation of the units and achieve the purpose of effective energy-saving , easy to use and friendly interface .

5.Water temperature & Antifreeze solution
Box-type industrial chillers can achieve water accessing in variety of low temperature. After adding appropriate antifreeze in the chilled water side, it can achieve 0C - 15C the water temperature in order to adapt to different industrial cooling requirements; Commonly used antifreeze solution can include ethylene alcohol, sodium chloride and calcium chloride solution. It is proposed that the application to set different concentration of antifreeze solution for customers is based on water temperature. If you are looking for freezing point of a variety of solutions, please refer to the installation, use profile section.

Box-type industrial chillers have perfect protection function, such as power wrong phase lack protection , System high-voltage protection, System low voltage protection, Double antifreeze protection, Compressor overload protection, The insufficient frozen water cooling protection, Prevent frequent start protection, Compressor built-in exhaust temperature, coil overheat temperature protection and etc. These protections will reduce losses caused by all kinds of accidents.

Our company accept all kinds of special technical requirements of units, which may include explosion-proof, strong acid, strong alkali solution, cryogenic, heterogeneous power supply, T3 conditions and other non-standard products. Please contact with our technology department before ordering.

8.Pump & Water tank
The standard accessories of box chillers can include stainless steel water pump and water tank; Pump has a high lift , great flow capacity and strong adaptability; the large capacity water tank can automatically do replenishment or overflow, this effectively barrier water temperature changes due to the load change, and also stabilize the running cooling system.

9.Microcomputer function
Within the compressors of chillers, microcomputers are installed to automatic memory operation time of each compressors. The compressors with lower running time will be active first at next time. This also applies to similar situation like discharging, The compressors with longer operation time will be stopped first in order to achieve the balance of each compressor operation to extend the service life of the machine.

10.Environment friendly protection refrigerants
At air cooled low temperature condition (below 10 C) , water chiller units apply the Copeland of the low temperature and environmental protection compressor R404A refrigerants, which can bring higher efficiency, longer running life, environmental friendly and energy saving.
In order to better protect the atmosphere, it can produce green environmental friendly cooling medium refrigeration and air conditioning equipment not only in adopts HFC407C and HFC134a,but also in HCFC22.

3- 8HP of the box-type industrial chiller`s bottom of the fuselage is equipped with a wheel, you can easily move .

12.Compressor & major refrigeration original
Compressor selection of Europe and the United States imports closed scroll compressor (or piston) , small vibration, resistance to liquid strike capability , high efficiency , wide operating temperature range.
Every equipments except the compressor refrigeration components are imported products, such as the expansion valve , solenoid valve , filter drier , European and American quality products , reliable performance and precise control .

13.Test center
The enterprise has a well-operated testing center , each air-conditioning unit have been injected refrigerant and refrigerant oil before leaving factory. After undergoing a rigorous simulation of the standard conditions and maximum operating mode detection, expansion valve can be adjusted to the best condition.
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