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Now May Day Is The Only Glass Factory in Russia Hand

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Core Tip: On Pervomay glass factory in Shumyachsky district conducted the first field session established with the regional administration a

On Pervomay glass factory in Shumyachsky district conducted the first field session established with the regional administration artistic advisory council for handicrafts. Considered vital for glassmakers question of recognition of their production plant folk arts and crafts.

Handicraft products can be and exclusive products, and the mass of the series, but by hand. Today, May Day is the only glass factory in Russia hand - from the stove and finishing processing - manufacturer of glass and crystal. Each product settles soul master.

Anatoly Rakitin, Chairman of the Board of Directors Pershamaiski glass factory: "It's a fish. Today, there is a situation that all of what we do - exclusively. No we do not repeat. Moreover, we do things that are impossible to duplicate on the machine. "

The factory was founded in the late XIX century. Initially produced window glass and bottles. Assorted glassware began to produce half a century, and then another, and crystal. The company was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor". Products pervomaytsev appreciate the many ways by the artist Vladimir Berdnikov. At the factory he works 46 th year.

Vladimir Berdnikov, the main artist Pershamaiski glass factory, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation: "Glass, which was previously released works, color: we cooked red, blue, green, smoke gray. Umber of all shades, from purple to green. Perhaps that is still with us and revive glassmaking in Russia and in our factory. "

Of the dozens of Russian survived several glass factories. But if such a "Goose crystal" or "Dyadkova" is a strong government support, the May Day plant, despite the fact that the maximum use of its resources - is the lowest cost of production, the highest labor productivity, minimal staffing and costs of energy - with difficulty to make ends meet.

The Russian government allocates to maintain fisheries in the country of 300 million rubles. And it is important to identify products pervomaytsev as items of folk crafts.

Vladislav Kononov, head Depertamenta Smolensk region for culture and tourism, "This is done in order to count on the support of the federal budget (specifically - through the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Ministry) for certain subsidies to the enterprise, which will retain the enterprise itself, and unique artists who work here from generation to generation. "

Glass - one of the first established in ancient times human artificial materials. Only a true wizard with a good heart, boundless imagination and skillful hands of this world could come up with a fragile beauty. Interest in him grew, especially in times of economic prosperity of society, and the history of art glass correlated with the development of society. Obviously, it's time we get out of the impasse.

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